Reuben Reed: 

Reuben, aged 5, has been a member of Defence Lab since May 2015. I wanted a class that would teach Reuben how to defend himself if the need ever came along rather than the traditional martial arts that I believe can be used wrongly amongst children at such an early age.  

Twelve months on, Reuben has grown in all round confidence. He is confident in his ability to stick up for himself, he understands what to do in the event a stranger may approach and takes health and fitness seriously. Defence Lab have been instrumental in this change in Reuben. Defence Lab is not ‘just’ about defending yourself it also teaches life skills such as good manners, how you interact with new people and team work to name a few in my mind these are invaluable skills that help prepare you for the rest of your life.

I’d strongly recommend Defence Lab to any parent.

Zara Reed 

May 2016

Lewis Marnock: 

Lewis thoroughly enjoys the classes and I feel this has developed his confidence on his own and to work as part of a group.  I found these groups have also helped my child to learn to listen to others and have more patience.

The lead instructor works amazingly with the students along with the assistant instructor. Their time, motivation and patience with the children are what bring on their confidence, dedication and bring a fun aspect to the classes. 

Megan Hawker

May 2016

Yousuf Hussain: 

Defence lab has been a great introduction to exercise for my five year old son. The instructors have a gentle approach to teaching new ideas. The classes are full of energy and ensure a good Saturday morning workout. Well done!

Saadat Hussain 

May 2016

Maxwell George: 

We moved to Birmingham in August 2015, because of work and with a new baby on her way. This was always going to be a huge ask for our then 4-year old son Maxwell who was also due to start school that September!

We contacted Mark and joined the Saturday Kids Defence Lab class shortly after arriving to help us to establish a new routine in a new city! At the start Maxwell was distraught - there was so much change going on, in a new city, new routine - he spent the first lesson in tears.

However, he stuck at it.

What really sets this club apart, is its instructors! Mark (aka Coach) and Gee have the class playing games, teaching spatial awareness, and simple defence techniques that are easily grasped even by the youngest members in the room. They teach discipline and respect, whilst also (and most importantly in Maxwell's case) building confidence by letting the kids act out scenarios in front of the class - and the best part is that they are having so much fun! At the end of it, they receive recognition during their grading where parents are invited to watch the class perform the moves they've learnt.

6 months after our move to Birmingham with a new baby sister, new house, new school; Maxwell loves his Saturday defence lab class. He's made friends, his confidence has grown and grown!

I want to thank Gee, and Mark in particular, and would highly recommend this class to other parents!

Tim George

May 2016

Vaughan Tonkin: 

Since beginning at Defence Lab, Vaughan has really come out of his shell which has been a joy to see. Prior to this, he was often very shy and withdrawn. Defence Lab has allowed Vaughan to easily assess all kinds of social situations and it has given him the skills to stand up for himself in the playground plus it's considerably improved his confidence. The teachers are all very approachable and friendly and the teaching methods are safe and supportive. Vaughan looks forward to DL each week and takes real pleasure in doing the class and has made some lovely friends. We love what it has done for our son!

Sian Tonkin 

May 2016